Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Awesome planting at eden

This is the allotment project and, ok, the plantings not beautiful but ... its peaceful, practical and achievable! Plus you can see a dome in the background which makes it more obvious i'm talking about the Eden project in Cornwall, UK, not the garden of eden ... you know, the one in the bible.

purple dream

Monday, 20 June 2011


Today was my first go at blogging and i would love as much feedback as possible!!!
I started this blog because i love fashion and design but I could find no blogs that satisfied the category of 'lifestyle design'!

Anyway tell me what you think.

There ain't nothing cooler than a painted floor

I admit. Some may be harder to pull of than others...
BUT (as proven by the last photo) anyone can paint there floor affectively.
The last photo is of the hall in my house and we painted it 10 years ago! Its now got
that warn-in farmhouse look with a Mediterranean twist.

They just don't make wallpaper like this anymore